Triumph's Just InTime of Lenette ''Justin''

Justin's achievements up to date:

* Champion of Romania 

* Champion of Serbia

* Champion of Macedonia

* Champion of Bulgaria

* Champion of Montenegro

* Champion of Greece

* Grand Champion of Bulgaria

* Grand Champion of Macedonia

* 2 x Cruft's Qualificated 2018

* Multiple Best of Breed Winner (From the classes, over specials)

* Multiple Group Winner

* 2 x Best In Show All Breeds Winner

* 3rd Supreme Best In Show

Sire: Triumph's ShortCake of Lenette ''ShortCake''
Dam: Johna of Lenette ''Johna''

Breeder: Jorge Misail Idis Gimenesz & Lucas Soarez
Owner: Alexander Alexandrov, InTime Pomeranians 

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Justin winning one of his Best in Show All Breeds
Justin 2.5 years old
Justin 2.5 years old
Justin 2 years old
Justin 2 years old
Justin 2 years old
Justin 2 months old