Some of our homebred dogs over the years.
InTime A Walk in the Clouds ''Amira''
Lives in Indonesia
InTime Behind Your Dreams ''Ashton''
Lives in USA
InTime Beneath your Beautiful ''Valentino''
Lives in Spain
InTime Big Girls Don't Cry ''Behati''
Lives in Thailand
InTime Claim to Flame ''Tamera''
InTime Devil May Cry ''Lola''
Lives in Russia
InTime Diamond Dust ''Blu''
Lives in Spain
InTime Diamond in the Sky ''Gabby''
Lives in Korea
InTime Edge of Glory ''Sassy''
Lives in USA
InTime Firestarter ''Syndel''
InTime Game of Shadows ''Shadow''
Lives in Korea
InTime Girls Gone Wild ''Patty''
Lives in Korea
InTime Hands off She's Mine ''Lou''
Lives in Bulgaria
InTime Hell on Wheels ''Hasch''
Lives in Korea
InTime Here Comes the Rain Again ''Kenzo''
Lives in Germany
InTime Hide and Seek ''Zayn''
Lives in Italy
InTime Jar of Hearts ''MilkyWay''
InTime Key to my Kingdom ''Leo''
Lives in Belarus
InTime Kiss of Fire ''Brianna''
InTime Lambada
Lives in USA
InTime Last Dance
InTime Make it Rain ''Ranin''
Lives in Russia
InTime Never Ending Story ''Nev''
Lives in Italy
InTime Night on Broadway ''Broody''
Lives in Netherlands
InTime Out of the Shadows
Lives in Brazil
InTime Paper Wings ''Eddie''
InTime Prince of Darkness ''Crash''
Lives in USA
InTime Quantum of Solace ''Quant''
Lives in Brazil
InTime Queen for a Day ''Arizona''
Lives in Mexico
InTime Quest for Fire ''Quest''
Lives in Italy
InTime Rain Maker ''Alek''
Lives in Czech republic
InTime Reach the Sky ''Sky''
Lives in Nedherlands
InTime Ride the Wild Wind ''Shannara''
InTime Salted Caramel ''Caramel''
Lives in Brazil
InTime Soulstorm ''Soul''
InTime The Last Leaf of Autumn ''Autumn''
InTime Three Days in Rio ''Rio''
Lives in Netherlands
InTime True Romance ''Merida''
InTime Unconditional Burning Love ''Serena''
InTime Vision of Love ''Iron''
Lives in Korea
InTime Walk it Off
InTime Whispering in the Shadows ''Roya''
InTime Wildflower ''Freya''
Lives in Spain
InTime Xtreme ''Messi''
Lives in Norway
InTime You Don't Own Me ''Doreena''
InTime You're Good but I'm Better ''Dustin''
Lives in USA